Welcome to Sun City Anthem Pet Club

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What is the Pet Club?

The Sun City Anthem Pet Club is a group of SCA residents devoted to improving the health and well-being of all companion animals under their own personal care, as well as those animals who have been abused or abandoned by others.

We represent a wide variety of interests, and we are constantly trying to gather people with similar interests to pursue projects in those areas.

Many of our members are involved in volunteering and/or fostering for local no or low kill shelters.

We support a lost pet telephone hot line for the Sun City Anthem community to protect wandering animals from local predators, as well as reduce the need for calling animal control when possible.

We support efforts to train our pets to become “better citizens” in order to minimize issues that can lead to pet abandonment.

We had a wonderful Pet Club Meeting on January 26th. Here's the poop.

Meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.

Joni introduced the 2022 Board members and their roles:

  • Co-Presidents: Joni Wingenbach & Peggy Lynch
  • Vice-President: Susan Odelson
  • Treasurer/Membership Coordinator: Jo Phillips
  • Secretary/Website Manager: Debbie Blonder
  • Members-at-large: Diane Rosen, Joanne Swadron, Nina Neely, Deborah Wills, Diane Parets

Our Facebook Page is administered by Denise Bianca and Joanne Swadron


  • 2022 Pet Club Officers
    • Co-Presidents – Joni Wingenbach and Peggy Lynch
    • Vice President - Susan Odelson
    • Treasurer/Membership Director – Jo Phillips
    • Secretary – Debbie Blonder
  • About the Club
    • Formed in 2002 as Sun City Anthem Pet Club
    • A social club for Sun City Anthem Resident Pet Club members
  • Mission of the Pet Club
    • To provide the opportunity to socialize with like-minded animal lovers
    • To hear from guest speakers who will address issues such as:
      • Health
      • Safety
      • Well-being of our pets
  • Everything the Pet Club does is with their pets in mind
    • Some of our community-oriented achievements include:
      • Installation of pet waste stations
      • Benches through