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Our next Bingo session is on Wednesday, July 31st!

Our July 31st Bingo will support Noah’s Animal House. It is a full-service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women and children’s shelter in Nevada. They are the only rescue that helps women that are in an abusive relationship that can’t leave because they don’t want to abandon their pets. With Noah’s Animal House, they no longer have to make that choice. Please join us for July Bingo and help support this important rescue.


Welcome to Sun City Anthem Pet Club

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What is the Pet Club?

The Sun City Anthem Pet Club is a group of SCA residents devoted to improving the health and well-being of all companion animals under their own personal care, as well as those animals who have been abused or abandoned by others.

We represent a wide variety of interests, and we are constantly trying to gather people with similar interests to pursue projects in those areas.

Many of our members are involved in volunteering and/or fostering for local no or low kill shelters.

We support efforts to train our pets to become “better citizens” in order to minimize issues that can lead to pet abandonment.

All of our activities are dedicated to this goal. Whether they are directly concerned with the care of our own pets or devoted to raising funds to support animal rescue efforts, all efforts are dedicated toward valuing the special role pets play in the lives of our members.

"Meet a Beagle, Eat a Bagel" at Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation was awesome!

Pet Club members took a field trip to The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation for our “Meet A Beagle, Eat A Bagel” event on Friday, September 15th. We toured this incredible rescue, enjoyed bagels and schmears, interacted with some fantastic dogs, and met Regina Harman, President of the Foundation. She runs an incredible operation!

Click HERE to see the photos!


  • 2024 Pet Club Officers
    • President – Rhonda Marazzo
    • Vice President – Marci Turkel
    • Treasurer/Membership Director – Jo Phillips
    • Recording Secretary – Debby Haase


  • About the Club
    • Formed in 2002 as Sun City Anthem Pet Club
    • A social club for Sun City Anthem Resident Pet Club members