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We had a great meeting April's the Poop!


Meeting was called to order at 10:05 am


Treasurer’s Report:  Jo Phillips

·      Our bank balance is $2,461.51


Membership Report:  Jo Phillips

·      New Members in April – 3               Robb Perry, Rosann Picca and Elizabeth Terry

·      Number of Households – 112         Total number of Members – 138

·      We now have 228 dogs, 41 cats & 2 parrots in our club!

·      48 Members in attendance today


New Business:  Joni Wingenbach

·      Our visit to the Nevada SPCA was on April 17th.  We had 15 people come for the tour, which was very worthwhile. We had a great time, it was a fabulous facility, and afterward, we went to lunch at Giuseppe’s. We hope to do more of this kind of thing. If you are interested, please let us know, and we’ll pursue it.

·      Our May meeting is going to be on the 24th; it’s going to be a Happy Hour Potluck, out here, from 4-7pm. We want to thank our awesome volunteers, and I would like them to stand up; Sherry Yetter, Nina Neely, Diane Rosen, Rhonda Marazzo, Debbie Blonder, and Jo Phillips. We’re going to be entertained by the singing group, “Lipstick” who will be performing songs of the 60’s and animal songs, and then we’re going to play Pet Bingo. There is a sign-up sheet at the back desk; bring your favorite potluck dish and your beverage of choice.  Sign up and let us know you’re going to attend; we hope this will be a good event!

·      Are there any new members here today?  Elizabeth, with her Bernadoodle Louie, and also Robb Perry, who has a Golden Lab, recently moved here from Florida.

·      Now we have our Big Announcement; after months of very hard work, the Pet Club has been granted permission to host Bingo at Sun City Anthem! It is an all-SCA resident community-wide charitable Bingo, and it will be hosted by us. Our first event is Weddnesday, May 31st. Check-in for the game is at 6:00, and we start promptly at 6:30. We will move it along because we have to be out by 8:30. It will be in the Morris/Nelson/Penn rooms.  They will hold 160 people, so it will be a first come, first serve sign-up. There will be 10 games played with very good cash payments, plus a portion of the proceeds are going to a rescue organization of choice. We’ve chosen Conner & Millie’s Dog Rescue for our first recipient for the first two Bingo sessions, on May 31st and July 26th. For our 3rd and 4th games on September 27th and November 29th we will feature donations to the Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation. We will host a total of 4 games in 2023. In 2024 we will host monthly games; we are anticipating giving donations every quarter to a featured rescue, so 4 rescues in the year. It should raise a lot more money for the rescues than we ever have been able to do before.

·      I would like to recognize Jo Phillips and Rhonda Marazzo; they have done diligent work, constant meetings and persevered to make this happen. It is a huge undertaking and I would like to introduce the rest of the Bingo Committee; Diane Rosen, Debby Haase, Debbie Blonder, Marci Turkel & Susan Odelson. Others who have signed up to work the event are Tina Aguilar, Peggy Lynch, Janice Sexton, Sherry Chamberlin, Diane Parets, Sherry Yetter, Deborah Wills and Rosann Picca, and a very special thanks to Mr. Phillip Rosen who is going to be our Bingo caller!

·      Bingo will fulfill our mission statement of supporting the rescues, and that’s our reason for being a club. But, we need more help, there is a sign-up sheet at the back desk; it’s your chance to get involved, and make the club the best club in SCA. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors, and tell them all about it.

Bingo details: Jo Phillips

·      Our first night is May 31st, you don’t have to be a Pet Club member to play but you do have to be a SCA resident. Flyers have been handed out to show you how to register on the website, you must pre-register before you come to Bingo. I would imagine there would be a waiting list outside the room, but those served first will the ones who have registered. The cost of the sheets; a 3 up, there is 3 games on a sheet, 10 sheets in a pack, we play 10 games, and this is $15. The 6 up has 6 games on a sheet for $20. Daubers are $1; all these items will be for sale on the night of Bingo. Cash only, small bills please to move the line along. Four games this year. If you register, it means that you will get in; the registration will cut off at 160 people. Bring your SCA cards when you come. There is a cancellation button, if you’re not able to come, please cancel so someone else can come. Once you have registered to play Bingo the first time, you will be in our system to register easier for subsequent days. Beverages with a lid are preferred, water will be provided, yes, alcohol is allowed.


Guest Speaker: Linda Gilliam, President of Conner & Millie’s Dog Rescue

·      This is a small breed Las Vegas based rescue, established in 2016.  It is a wonderful organization and it is lead by a truly phenomenal person. They have had over 1,000 adoptions.  They take in dogs with special needs, diabetic, trauma cases, unwanted dogs.  Each dog costs about $800 to visit the vet to be spayed/neutered & vaccinated, this is what your support helps with. It is a foster-based rescue, always looking for foster homes, even if just for a few days.  Linda brought with her a handful of dogs looking for homes. We are a Rescue Organization, not necessarily an adoption agency.

·      You can reach Linda at:


            Come play BINGO!  This is the rescue that will be receiving proceeds from our first two                   Bingo nights! 

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45am 


Our next meeting is May 24th 4-7pm, Happy Hour Potluck


Respectfully submitted,

Debby Haase

Recording Secretary