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We had a great Pet Club meeting on February 22nd! Here’s the poop...

Membership Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 10:05 am

Treasurer’s Report: Jo Phillips

  • Bank balance $2,786.49

Membership Report: Jo Phillips

  • 2 new members joined today, making it 4 new members so far this year.
  • We had 45 new members in 2022. We currently have 168 households, 183 members.
  • Of 168 households, 104 have paid, and 64 members still need to send in their membership dues.
  • Today we have 38 in attendance, including 2 new members.
  • We have lots of new ideas for this year, I think they will be well received; you will get notices of them as they develop.

New Business:

  • President Joni Wingenbach is out sick today: Vice President Rhonda Marazzo is taking her place and doing a Great Job!
  • Kathy Prater & her Husband are here selling Sheet sets for $35. For each set sold, $10 will be donated to the Pet Club.  Lots of colors and prints in all sizes are available.
  • Our 50/50 raffle was $101 today; Diane Rosen was the lucky winner!
  • Diane Rosen spoke about the new Ordinance regarding the Puppy Stores in Unincorporated areas of Clark County.  She will bring a petition next meeting for us to sign to include all of Clark County.

Guest Speaker:

  • Dr. Robert Loose, from Inspirada Animal Hospital, a great friend to us here at the Pet Club, spoke to us today about Pet Emergencies and how to deal with them. Just a few examples;
    • To notice changes in, or problems with our pets earlier, before it becomes an emergency. Acting strangely, staring into space, or just looking out of it, might be a reason to come in.
    • Neosporin works on a small abrasion or insect bite, it is not harmful if the pet should ingest it, be sure not to bandage too tightly.
    • Flour or cornstarch will stop the bleeding on a nail trim.  
    • Sago palms are poisonous to dogs and Lilies are poisonous to cats.
    • A way to transport your pet with serious injuries is by rolling them onto a beach towel and carrying the towel by the corners, to minimize any further injuries.
    • Office # 702-960-7272 Open 7 days a week, Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat & Sun 8am-5pm

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am


Respectfully submitted,

Debby Haase, Recording Secretary