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"Meet a Beagle, Eat a Bagel" at Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation was awesome!

Pet Club members took a field trip to The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation for our “Meet A Beagle, Eat A Bagel” event on Friday, September 15th. We toured this incredible rescue, enjoyed bagels and schmears, interacted with some fantastic dogs, and met Regina Harman, President of the Foundation. She runs an incredible operation!

Click HERE to see the photos!

The mission of this organization is to rescue, foster, rehabilitate, and place as many distressed beagles, beagle mixes, littles, and hounds as possible. They are a small rescue with a huge impact. Last year, they rescued almost 100 dogs, and this year are on schedule to save well over 100. The dogs come from kill shelters, and from owners who cannot care for them; some are found as strays or abandoned dogs. The rescue treats them medically, gives them the care they need, places them in loving foster homes, and starts the process for successful lifetime adoption.